Cassis Fleur Seating Chart


Reference : SDI-5778

A1 poster board seating plan. *Please note the gold foil in this design is not real gold foil, its designed and digitally printed in a way to mimic gold foil but it not shiny like proper gold foil..
  • Width : 900 mm
  • Height : 600 mm
  • Depth : 30 mm
Additional Information:

A designer will contact you to finalize your order.
Wording can be personalized.


A final guest list in a Word or Excel document will be required to lay out the place cards. We do not endeavour to retype guest names and will import the name list into our layout program as is.
One digital mock up will be provided for text proofing before printing of your order.
The monogram in this design will be used as is and only the initials will be edited.

$112.57 USD each

Minimum QTY: 1

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